Everyone knows the brand LEGO, but you may not know that they were on their way out in 2003. And their story carries a lesson for dental practices in today’s fast-paced, consumer-driven world.

Today, LEGO boasts over 90 years of history. But in 2003, this famous toy company had become stagnant and outdated. Plus, LEGO was struggling financially and burdened by debt, losing favor with its primary customers: children.

They revitalized the brand’s relevance and incorporated digital platforms to interact with children and parents. As a result, LEGO reconnected with customers worldwide and enhanced engagement. Due to its exponential growth, the brand has earned the moniker “Apple of Toys.”

Dental practices are encouraged to consider a similar mindset. A well-established office may need a new logo, color scheme, physical signage, and business suite. This undertaking may also involve a name change, especially if a regional office expands its services to cover new locations.

But most dentists don’t need to overhaul their entire brand to support practice growth and enhance marketability. Minor modifications often revitalize a brand’s image and appeal to patients and potential buyers. Naturally, marketing and branding efforts must be aligned with other business-growth tactics. Furthermore, your practice’s digital portrayal must be uniform to avoid brand confusion.

Here are five suggestions to reinvigorate your brand as a comprehensive marketing and growth strategy component. Regardless of how many you incorporate, implementing these changes will enhance your value proposition and appeal to anyone who comes across your brand.

1. Update your practice name and/or logo.

A dental practice name used for a long time might convey a perception you have outgrown. For instance, Smith Family Dentistry gives a different message than Smith Dental Arts. Both names are suitable, but if you have an established reputation for cosmetic dentistry and your expansion strategy involves prioritizing smile makeovers, consider revising your practice name. This transformation may entail updating your digital and physical brand assets, and you should be prepared to update everything from stationery to social media banners. However, you can often update your logo for a fresh look.

2. Enhance your physical space.

Although a complete renovation may benefit an older office, the expenses and construction often create obstacles that must be clarified when nearing a potential sale. Fortunately, you can take a few simple steps that won’t increase your debt or undermine your profitability. For instance, fresh paint, updated flooring, and new reception area furniture can make a positive impression on any visitor who walks through your doors. Consider incorporating creative touches such as LED lighting, artwork, and accent walls that offer intangible value at a reasonable cost.

3. Modernize your website’s appearance.

The world constantly evolves, and some color schemes, images, and websites can appear outdated after only a few years. Website visitors form a first impression in less than two-tenths of a second, and if they don’t like what they see, they are unlikely to return for another look. You could update your current pages, but it is typically better to use the opportunity to present a fresh image that generates interest in your practice. Additionally, consider integrating video and interactive assessments, transforming your website from a simple digital billboard into an engaging experience for your visitors. A high-quality website engages patients at every stage of their decision-making, particularly on mobile devices; more than 54% of viewers access websites on mobile devices.

4. Increase patient-generated reviews to help tell your story.

We live in a competitive world, and businesses often struggle to stand out. However, reviews provide crucial support to the consumer’s decision-making process. Over 30% of people consider online reviews the first step when choosing healthcare providers, even before talking to family and friends. Positive reviews help encourage new patient visits and differentiate your practice. Make it easy to leave reviews by implementing automated review requests via text or email.

5. Include convenience tools for a win-win.

The pandemic accelerated the trend of consumers prioritizing contactless and convenient solutions. More than half of consumers consider convenience the most crucial factor when selecting a new healthcare provider. Although physical comfort is vital, online services offer unique benefits for all individuals. You can streamline the patient journey and increase your team’s efficiency by implementing online booking and payment portals. Adding one or more of the latest convenience tools for your patients benefits them and showcases innovation to potential buyers.

Combining everything for maximum value.

A dental practice goes through different stages and has the potential to establish an outstanding reputation for providing quality care and service. However, if the visible brand aligns differently from the underlying fundamentals, it could impede growth in a competitive environment. Brand perception influences the next step of many consumers.

On average, individuals spend 147 minutes daily on social media and are exposed to up to 10,000 advertisements daily. If your brand appears outdated, lacks clarity, or causes confusion, you risk missing an opportunity to grab attention in a fast-paced world. Effective branding can be memorable even in the field of dentistry. When individuals visit your website, the combination of branding, content, and messaging can persuade them to explore further or prompt them to click away. Most site visitors tend to leave within 10-20 seconds, so these components hold significant importance.

DDSmatch brings a comprehensive approach to practice growth, value, and transitions. While the financial fundamentals are crucial in determining your practice’s value, other factors also impact the big picture. We thoroughly understand the current market and the most effective methods to enhance your brand, operations, and long-term objectives. Our network of reliable resources can help you improve and fine-tune your brand from every angle. Reach out to us today and explore the opportunities for a seamless transition into the next phase of your life.