Hawaii Dental Practices for Sale is excited to welcome Mara to the team! She brings over 27 years working with practices in Washington and Alaska on all aspects of dentistry. Mara has served chairside and understands the patient journey. But she’s also partnered with many practices to increase profitability by incorporating efficient, innovative dental technology.

Mara’s broad experience offers a natural segue into supporting dentists in their transition planning. She understands how practices that develop strong brands, operations, and profitability increase their value and sale options. But she also appreciates the emotional attachment that doctors have to the legacy they’ve meticulously created.

“As our clients consider transitioning, I get the honor to be considered their trusted advisor,” Mara says. “We are proud of our proven platform, which ensures a successful transition process.”

Mara’s regional expertise runs deep. She’s a proud Pacific Northwest Native from Seattle, a mother of two amazing entrepreneurs, and a dog lover who provides foster care for pups. She loves the opportunities the PNW offers, and she may be found hiking, cycling, or gardening in her spare time.

Exit Planning Starts Today

Transition planning starts wherever you’re at now, and more time offers more options to increase profitability and sale value. Whether you need help building your team by adding associate dentists or you’re dreaming of your exit strategy, Mara is here to help.

Carey Lee, owner of Hawaii Dental Practices for Sale, knows what it takes to handle a sacred piece of the dentist-owner journey. “We understand the complexities of today’s market, and we help dentists capture maximum profitability now and value later. Mara’s regional connection and vast experience in dentistry offer our clients the unparalleled support they deserve,” he says.

Mara’s holistic approach to dental practice ownership and exit planning aligns with the DDSmatch philosophy that supports dentists with next-level service. “I am extremely passionate about building authentic relationships and utilizing the power of networking to help match YOU up with the top business professionals across the nation,” she says.

We’re Your Regional Transition Team

Feel free to contact the Hawaii Dental Practices for Sale Team to discuss your goals, ideas, and questions about transitioning now or in the future. We’re here to guide you through your options and help you prepare for the next step in your journey!